PD Links Manual

Learn how to take advantage of all the features PD Links has to offer.

Javier Palomar December 01, 2016

Flipped Learning Now Available

Increase the effectiveness of your trainings by providing flipped activities. Watch these screencasts to learn how to add activities to your trainings!

Damon November 29, 2016

Request Substitutes for Trainings

We are pleased to announce that you can now request and manage substitutes for trainings in PD Links.

Damon July 08, 2016

New Features: Copy Training and Enhanced Notification

We released a couple of new features today. You can now easily copy trainings and have more targeted broadcast communication.

Damon June 20, 2016

Work on Multiple Trainings Without Having to Reapply Search Filter

The search filter now persists for the duration of your session allowing you to work without having to apply search criteria again

Damon March 01, 2016

Easily Accessible Room Calendar

Easy access to the global room calendar

Damon March 01, 2016

Improved Search Date Filter

We improved the search date filter so that training (and meeting) time slots must explicitly be contained within the range.​

Damon February 29, 2016

Print Your Training Attendance List

Print your training attendance lists

Damon February 29, 2016

Easier Room Scheduling with Google Calendar

We've made scheduling rooms easier by integrating Google calendar

Damon September 15, 2015

Use Filters to Find Trainings

Use filters to find trainings of interest to you

Damon September 03, 2015