You can now add attendees to a training. Watch the quick video below to see how. Soon, you'll be able to remove attendees.

Damon August 04, 2015


Kristin delong
August 18, 2015
Hi, Javier recently added me to the Chromebooks Training because I was denied access when trying on my own. Now that I have finally registered I received an email today saying that I was kicked out. I am a new teacher and maybe that has something to do with it. My administrators have been stressing that I need to go to the training ASAP (they specifically told me to register for this one tomorrow and thursday), so even though it looks like I might be kicked out I am still showing up tomorrow as I believe my being kicked out is most definitely an error. Thank you. Kristin DeLong Math Teacher PSHS
Karen Hill
August 19, 2015
I cannot sign up for training. Karen Hill DHSHS
Sandy Spykerman
August 19, 2015
Please add me to the directory. I don't have a list of trainings in the "meetings" or "trainings" tab
Damon Torgerson
August 22, 2015
You should be able to sign up to any training now without the help of a facilitator.