Email All Attendees

Facilitators and Managers (and admins) can now email all attendees.

Damon August 28, 2015

Share an Attachment with a Service Provider

Create a Service Request and collaborate with the service provider by using attachments.

Damon August 27, 2015

Make Room Changes to Approved Trainings

As a Manager, you can now make room changes for approved trainings. Here's how.

Damon August 27, 2015

Make Changes to Approved Trainings

Need to make a change to an approved training? Here's how...

Damon August 27, 2015

Full Trainings Now Indicate They are at Capacity

Two usability issues addressed this weekend

Damon August 23, 2015

Rooms Now Held on Submission

Rooms are now booked on submission of a training request

Damon August 06, 2015

Quickly Find a Training

Use search to quickly find a training

Damon August 06, 2015

Remove attendees from a training

You can now remove attendees.

Damon August 05, 2015

Add attendees to a training

You can now add attendees to a training. Watch the quick video below to see how.

Damon August 04, 2015

A new way to share

A new way to share and a slight change to the sign in process

Damon July 29, 2015